Ode to my headphones

In search of the best in-ear headphones I've tried 3 pairs from different price tiers: AirPods Pro, Jabra Elite 7 Active, and Edifier X3. My personal choice is Jabra, and this is why.

In ear position

The majority of people have a narrow gap between antitragus and tragus. But in my case antitragus is horizontally flat which brings an additional challenge to finding a firmly seated pair of headphones. Because of this unique shape, not every earbud sits firmly, especially "conventionaly designed" ones. So the only type which I can wear is the in-ear one.

Jabra wins here because its design is inclusive and doesn't assume that I have a standard outer ear shape. It sits well and firmly, even when I do some physical activities.

Sadly, Airpods constantly fell off and I don't know why. Initially, I thought that all in-ear headphones suited me, but this is not the case for AirPods

Ability to use only one headphone at a time

It happens often when you don't need to plug in a pair of headphones and only want to use 1 of them, for example for security reasons I use only 1 piece during the bike ride. Another example is when one of the pieces is dead, and I switch it to one which is working.

Jabra UX is intuitive and does what you expect from it. Both of the headphones are interchangeable, in a sense that if one of the headphones is dead I simply put it in the case and get another one.

Waking up the headphones

One of the common situations for me is when I want to enable the headphones which were left out of the case for a while.

Usually, cheap headphones turn off after some time and the only way to turn them on is to place them in a case and then take it out one more time.

In comparison, Jabra chose a different approach. Each pie can be enabled by a long press without any other additional activities. It's not intelligent as AirPods, which automatically turn on when placed in an ear, but the manual approach works even better for me - I am in control when turning it on.


Those 3 points are a major reason why I stick to Jabra Elit 7 Active headphones. It's not ideal and quite expensive so my journey for ideal headphones continues