How much do I pay to host a private blog

How much do I pay to host a private blog

If you are interested in how much it will cost you to host your own private blog, here I will give you a breakdown of my expenses accompanying by tools and services I pay for to host the site.

The site is hosted on DigitalOcean and with current traffic I have price is stable at the level of 6$ per month.

The domain name I bought at for 17$ annually.

Since the blog engine is self-hosted I am not paying for it but in return, I need to manage all updates manually (thanks to Ghost and the Dev team behind it, cli is straightforward and easy to use, so manual update is never a problem).

Initially, for comment section  I was using notorious Disqus, which I then replaced with Commento and ended up with slick Remarkbox. It has "Pay as you want". From the interface, it's hard to say how much I pay for the comments block, but I am pretty sure I did pay a 3$  transaction once I had just started using it.

The last part is metrics, and this is a pain point for me because it's really hard to find smth privacy consent with friendly to microbloggers price model. Currently, I am using for free,  but looks like they are planning to enforce soon a subscription which will cost from 4$ to 6$.

Overall the total price is around 16$ per month, which from a simplified cash flow point of view may look like a lot (me including).

The important thing here is that value does not always equals to profit and I still believe that having a personal blog is much more valuable than blogging on "free" alternatives like Medium. Why? I will explain it next post. Stay tuned