Before you left for vacation

Before you left for vacation

Write down all passwords

If you are going to have a long vacation (2+ weeks), most probably you will forget all of the passwords. Don't count on your memorizing abilities and write them down

Push unfinished code

Otherwise, the feature you haven't finish by the vocation will be blocked by the fact, that other team members don't have a copy of your work. Push it and let other team members know that you've done it

Do knowledge transfer

For the same reason as the previous point

Use automatic replies

Use the Outlook Automatic Reply feature to indicate that you are on vacation. Additionally, it will be good to add a date of return and an email of a team or a person which sender should contact instead of you

Finish pending time-sheets, trainings, etc.

It's better to finish it before because such activities tend to expire in the middle of the vacation. Make your boss happy by avoiding such situations